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Welcome! From diapers & backpacking to passports & suitcases, The Bean family is sharing their family adventures.

The blog—focusing more on visual storytelling—aims to inspire other families and prove travel can be enjoyable, educational and affordable. Please join us on our adventures, both local and abroad, as we explore on weekend getaways to planned vacations. And, most importantly, take the kids and enjoy life as a family!


Elizabeth was born in a small Michigan town, thrown into the Arizona desert, and then transplanted to Los Angeles. After ten years working in corporate graphic design, she’s currently a part-time graphic designer / former natural light family photographer and a full-time mother to two very active children.


Robert, a native Angelino and active outdoorsman, lives to learn and explore what the world has to offer while not spending a fortune. Together, Robert and Elizabeth, curb their insatiable appetite for travel by planning adventurous trips in the ‘burbs to, often overlooked locations, abroad while documenting their journey.

Disclaimer :: All Photos are property of Elizabeth Bean Photography unless otherwise stated. These photos may not be used without permission. If you have any questions about the content on my website, please contact me.

Meet The Bean Family . . .

Fav Destinations: Amsterdam, Bergen, Boston, Jerusalem, Kinsale, Lindau, Portland, Porto, Quebec City, Seville
Fav Destinations: Boston, Budapest, Connemara, Copenhagen, Paris, Porto, Stockholm, Tikal, Toronto
A (8yrs) & Q (11yrs)
Fav Destinations: A: Boston, Park City, Stockholm, Salema | Q: Belfast, Boston, Gibraltar, Lisbon, Salema