A Weekend Getaway in San Francisco

3 days, 72 hours — was how long our “kid-free” weekend lasted! It was a dreary five-hour drive from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, but the excitement set in as we crossed over the Bay Bridge.

060614 SF 03

We finally arrived in, the City by the Bay, San Francisco.

060614 SF 08

We planned and reviewed our map to fit almost everything into our short weekend, but first things first, an adult drink was in order.

060614 SF 11

060614 SF 09

A normal bar wouldn’t do, we needed something campy, fun, and off the beaten path. The Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar, in the basement of the Fairmont Hotel, hit the spot. The Fairmont Hotel, built in 1907 atop Nob Hill, is steeped with history. The United Nations Charter, which formed the United Nations as we know today, was signed in the Garden Room of the hotel.

060614 SF 15

Stairs, stairs, and more stairs — they never ended. Up we climbed, from one steep street to another set of stairs until we reached Pioneer Park and the base of Coit Tower. Built in 1933 with money given to the city by Lillie Hitchcook Coit to beautify the city. The tower stands as a tribute to the San Francisco Fire Department. The park and tower offer some of the best views of the city.

060614 SF 18

060614 SF 28

060614 SF 20

060614 SF 32

060614 SF 34

060614 SF 36

060614 SF 42

We walked down the Filbert Steps, a hidden hillside sanctuary in the middle of the city, and ended up at the Embarcadero — which strangely enough means, “a place to embark in Spanish.”

060614 SF 43

A short mile walk along the waterfront and piers and we ended up at the tourist trap of Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. I say tourist trap lovingly because no trip to San Francisco would be complete without a stop here. From the end of Pier 39, there is a stunning  postcard view of The Rock.

060614 SF 46

060614 SF 53

060614 SF 50

Alcatraz was a former federal prison housing some of the United States worst criminals. Originally built as a military fort for protection of the bay, it was repurposed and used to house prisoners. They say inmates could hear people playing and living life in San Francisco as they sat locked away. (The Alcatraz pictures below were taken on a previous trip. With only 72 hours, we didn’t feel it was necessary to visit again. But if you have never been or if its been over 15 years, its a must-see. Walking tours include a headphone audio tours well worth the time. The tour is narrated by former guards and prisoner telling not only the story of the Alcatraz but stories of their time on the Rock. Just make sure to go early, as it is always popular!)

051605 SF 08

051605 SF 19

051605 SF 25

051605 SF 39

Six hours in San Francisco and it was time for food, drinks, and rest. The rest would have to wait till first light. For food, we headed to Caffe BaoNecci Restaurant, a truly family run Italian restaurant in North Beach. Father and son waited tables while the mother and eldest son prepared food in the back—fantastic Italian meal! Now fed, we tiredly wandered from North Beach over Nob Hill and back to relax at our hotel — San Francisco Marriott Marquis. Luckily for us, our hotel has one of the best breathtaking panoramic views of the city from the iconic View Lounge.

060614 SF 60

060614 SF 64

Up early, we ventured into the Tenderloin to dine at the popular Dottie’s Café and then strolled down to the waterfront en route to the Golden Gate. Not the bridge, but the Strait between San Francisco and Marin at the mouth of the Pacific Ocean. There are many ways to get around the city; taxi, MUNI, or tour bus. But the Beans, we walk. What better way to see the city then to walk the neighborhoods and streets.

060714 SF 06

060714 SF 18

060714 SF 16

060714 SF 21

060714 SF 31

060714 SF 38

Next stop, the Palace of Fine Arts. Originally built in early 1900’s after the Great Earthquake to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal, it was part of a huge international exposition that was open for 9 months. During those months, over 19 million people visited the exposition. The Place of Fine Arts in the only building still remaining from the complex.

060714 SF 50

060714 SF 57

060714 SF 61

060714 SF 64

060714 SF 67

060714 SF 72

With little time to spare, we stopped at Crissy Field and took in the amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

060714 SF 76

060714 SF 89

060714 SF 96

060714 SF 106

060714 SF 107

060714 SF 111

060714 SF 120

Pressing into the wind and fog, we pushed onward to Fort Point. Once am artillery installation to protect the entrance of the bay, its now a FREE museum with amazing views you don’t often see of the bridge and Gold Gate.

060714 SF 122

060714 SF 130

060714 SF 131

060714 SF 133

060714 SF 134

060714 SF 137

With a little help from San Francisco’s historic streetcar, we made it safely back to our hotel. Refueled and gathered strength at the Mikkeller Bar, we opted for one last evening adventure. Down along the Embarcadero and the Port of San Francisco Ferry building we took in the most incredible breathtaking nightscapes of the Bay Bridge and skyline.

060714 SF 153

060714 SF 154

060714 SF 160

060714 SF 168

Our weekend in San Francisco was quickly coming to an end, so the next morning we rushed over to Alamo Square Park, home of the Painted Ladies. Built in the 1890’s, the homes are some of the few remaining Victorian homes in a row painted in the traditional three color paint scheme.

060814 SF 01

060814 SF 06

060814 SF 16

From there, we took a short twisty drive down Lombard Street, billed as the crookedest street in the world. The turns were instituted as a solution to the street’s original 27% grade and is famous around the world around from TV and movies.

060814 SF 23

060814 SF 26

060814 SF 28

Driving through the Presidio, and under the bridge, we ended up at Baker Beach, a secluded stretch of sand on the western side of the Golden Gate. Just make sure not to wander too far north along the beach — clothing is optional.

060814 SF 32

060814 SF 33

Just a jaunt down the coast is Lands End. A beautiful stretch of land overlooking the ocean and cliffs — perfect place for photos. Unless San Francisco gives you what its known for, fog, like we got. It’s still a beautiful place, fog or not.

060814 SF 39

060814 SF 44


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    You have captured the true beauty of San Francisco and all of it’s charm! Thank you for taking us on your fun adventure!

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