Antelope Valley Poppy Fields

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Many make the trek out to Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, during the peak season of mid-March to Mid-April, in hopes of spectacular array of color.

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Antelope Valley Poppy Fields

The reserve is nestled in the Antelope Buttes, near Lancaster, on the most consistent poppy-bearing land in the state.

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However, a lot of factors are involved for a vibrant poppy season. In order to hike the reserve’s hillsides in full bloom there must be consistent rainfall.

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Has your family visited the Antelope Valley Poppy Fields? (Note: Above pictures were taken over several years of visiting the poppy fields and updated as of March 2017.)









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  1. Jennifer Bean /

    I love the color contrast you captured in your photos. The poppies are beautiful and children are precious, too!

  2. Emily /

    Wow, California is such an amazing state!

  3. Katie /

    Unbelievably beautiful!

  4. Sarah /

    Gorgeous! Hope to see the poppy flowers this weekend.

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