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Nestled in the foothills of the southwestern San Joaquin Valley, and just outside Bakersfield, is The Wildlands Conservancy’s Wind Wolves Preserve.

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Founded in 1996, the preserve features 93,000 acres of almost pristine nature open to the public for free. We decided to head out for a hike in early March to enjoy the blankets of wildflowers coming to life along the valley walls.

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The kids loved exploring along the trail “El Camino Viejo” or old road. This dirt trail, which was once the inland route from early Los Angeles to San Francisco winds through the middle of the park and made the hike very family friendly.

030815 Wind Wolves 19

031916 Wind Wolves 46

031916 Wind Wolves 35

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We did see some hawks and small ground animals but missed out on the 2,000+ Tule Elk, bears and California Condors that call the area home.

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Have you hiked Wind Wolves Reserve? We love to connect with others, so feel free to leave us a comment! (Note: pictures above were taken over several hiking trips.)


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  1. Johanna /

    My sister lives in Los Angeles and always looking for new hiking spots. I’ll pass this on to her.

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