Postcards from Lindau :: Germany’s Best Hidden Gem

Lindau is the largest Bavarian town located on the eastern shore of Lake Constance (The Bodensee known to the Germans). Connected to the mainland by two brides, the charming old island town is frequented by Europeans due to its meeting point of the Germany, Austrian, and Swiss borders. It’s an ideal getaway with the most spectacular views of the Alps, romantic alleys, medieval buildings, beautiful harborside lined with cafes, and enviable German climate.

Harbor The port entry with a Bavarian Lion and lighthouse resting on the breakwall.

092903 Ob_Lindau 01

Neuer Leuchtturm (Lighthouse)Completed in 1856, when it took over the port’s previous light station in the Mangenturm Tower. The 108 foot tall structure is quite unique among lighthouses because it also houses a massive clock that can be viewed from the city


Lindau Tower ~ Lindau, Germany

Mangenturm Tower  Former lighthouse in use from 1180 to 1300


092503 Lindau 03

Harborside – Strolling along the promenade, restaurants and cafes spill out onto the pavement.


092703 Lindau 07

Promenade The harbor square is lined with hotels and outdoor restaurants which, swells with vacationers during the summer months


Lindau, Germany

Historic Lindau (view from lighthouse) Fortified in the 12th century, it became a free imperial city in 1275 and was a prosperous merchant town along the trade route from Italy


092703 Lindau 11

Picturesque Lindau Coming into Lindau harbor by ferry, it’s hard to not to notice the unique charm of this island-city


092703 Lindau 23

Bavarian Lion Sitting at the port entrance, the lion is a symbol of Bavaria and proudly protects the harbor


092703 Lindau 16

Lake Constance Fantastic view over the lake towards the Swiss and Austrian Alps


092703 Lindau 29

Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) Constructed between 1422 and 1436 in the midst of a vineyard, but now it’s in the center of town


092703 Lindau 31

Romantic Alleys – The cobbled streets turn and curve in unexpected ways along brightly colored buildings and quaint small shops


092703 Lindau 36

Maximilianstrasse (main shopping street)  picturesque houses, shops, and cafes line this fully pedestrian street


092903 Ob_Lindau 06

Discover Lindau – Look for a green plaques attached to the walls to locate historic homes


092703 Germany 10

Humor – The Germans take their gardening very seriously


092803 Lindau 02

Schrebergärten – Germans are wild about gardening and rent out little plots on the edge of town


092703 Lindau 02

Farmers Market The local farmers market is a fun place to sample a bit of Bavaria

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    Very charming, indeed.

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    i haven’t been to Germany or Austria in a long time — but these pictures are really making me want to go!! i love the little streets and the architecture, it’s all so charming.

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